Alert Messages and NC Reports


QMSCAPA provides a method for alert notices, initiatives from employees,  messages and Non-conformance Reports.


Alert Message Menu Option



AIM NCR Browse Table




A.The 'AIM/NCR' Message Browse Table (image shown above) provides a method to sort and view messages by many fields.

B.Alerts, Initiatives, Messages and Nonconformance Reports may be 'moved' into the CAPA log by clicking on the Copy to CAPA Log button.

C.Print one AIM/NCR form.

D.Print the AIM/NCR forms according to a date range.

E.Print the AIM/NCR log table according to a range on the date reported.

F.Print the highlighted AIM/NCR with the Task Log.

G.Print the AIM/NCR(s) with the Task Log according to a range on the date reported.


AIM / NCR Form, Tab 1) Description



A.Tab 1) Description: The AIM/NCR form includes Id fields for the Author; the Person Reporting and the Department; the Process Name can be linked to the AIM/NCR; the AIM/NCR Type may be linked to a user-defined look-up table; the end-user can define the AIM/NCR Report Title for printed forms and reports.

B.Tab 2) NCR Related Parts and Management Review

C.Tab 3) NCR Related Task

D.Tab 4) NCR Related Attachments


AIM/NCR Form, Tab 2) Parts and Management Review


A.The AIM/NCR Vendor Id field may be linked to a Vendor by entering or selecting a Vendor Id.

B.And the AIM/NCR Part/Service # field may be linked to a Part or Service Id number.

C.The AIM/NCR Reference Id field may be user-defined, e.g. Job Number, Work Order, etc.

D.The AIM/NCR Disposition field is linked to a user-defined table for dispositions.

E.Use the AIM/NCR Management Review Comments field to record final review or disposition comments.

F.The AIM/NCR Requires CA/PA check box is automatically set when copied to the CAPA log.

AIM/NCR Form, Tab 3) Task


A.The AIM/NCR form includes a Task list, which may be used assign an investigation to multiple persons and, or to record a journal of events (or task) associate with the AIM/NCR.

B.The Activity Reported field displays a snippet of the AIM/NCR Task record.


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