Contract and Quote Reviews Journal

Menu Option(s) to Access Contract and Quote Reviews

1)Main Menu > Browse Logs >




Open the Sales Quotes and Contract Review Browse Table

1.Sales Quotes, PO and, or Contracts must be added through the Customer Table and module.



Form for Sales Quotes/Contracts/POs Reviewed

1)The General Tab on the window contains information about:

a.personnel (authors, reviewers, assignments)

b.the status when reviewed

c.dates when the review was completed or the status changed

d.the Risk Assessment Id, if applicable

e.description or scope of the Job/Order

2)Tab 2) Labor, Material and Outsourced Processes contains a table for items related to the quote/order


Table for Items in Sales Quotes/Contracts/POs Reviewed

In the image below showing the Tab 2) Labor, Material and Outsourced Processes ...


1)A Table of Items related to the Quote/Contract/Purchase order. Each item may contain quantities, prices (and cost), description and comments with additional requirements.

2)The Add, Edit and Delete controls are specific to the Items in the table.



Form for Items in Sales Quotes/Contracts/POs Reviewed

Shown in the image below of the Quote Item Form:


1)The Row No (number) controls the sequence or numeric order on the Items Browse Table and some reports.

2)The Item Name is related to the Items Lookup Table. Select the lookup button to select an Item from the Items Table. The Items Unit of Measure is set in the Items Table.

3)Enter the appropriate Quantity.

4)The Price is pulled from the Items Table unless the checkbox [√] Do Not Use Price List for the Job Item.

5)Checkbox [√] Do Not Use Price List for the Job Item; check this box if you wish to enter a price different than the price of the Item in the Items Table.

6)Also, when the Checkbox [√] Do Not Use Price List for the Job Item is checked the Sales Description may be changed.

7)Comments or additional instructions may be added for printed documents.

8)A discount may be entered as needed.

9)The Extended minus Discount amount is automatically calculated.

10)Each Item may have individual review status and dates for a Quote Review, prior to commitment.

11)Also, each Item may have individual verification status and dates for PO/Order Verification, prior to acceptance.

12)The Operation Completed and Date Completed may be recorded for each Item in the Job/Quote/Order.



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