Evaluation & Survey of Customer Satisfaction

The Customer Survey and Satisfaction module contains:

A survey log or running table of survey questionnaires that are recorded.

A Survey Form, which is designed to generate an Evaluation and Survey Questionnaire that can be sent to a customer and capture the results returned by the customer.

The Survey Questionnaire is designed for 10 rating type questions that are answered on a scale of 1 to 10. Therefore the highest possible score is 100.

The 10 X 10 Survey (10 squared) can be easily modified or customized for a variety of surveys, including options for less than 10 questions and scale of 1 to 10 rating.

Survey Sets are a collection of Survey questions and our elements of customer satisfaction. The select a Survey Set through the lookup table will populate the question fields in the Survey Form window.

The [ Customer Id field ] is a reference to your customer and is linked to Customer lookup table.

Survey Groups (see Tab 2) may be used to designate regions, products and other user defined purposes.

The þ Completed checkbox may be used to signify that the response from the customer has been recorded and completed.

The þ Lock Record checkbox may be used to prevent accidental changes or deletion of the record.

The numerical spin field limits the rating response to be between 1 and 10.

The Comments field (see Tab 2) may be used to record customer comments.

User Tips:



1)Customer Satisfaction Survey Set: The Survey Set is required to load the the evaluation form with the survey criteria set from the template table. One are more survey criteria sets (virtually unlimited) may be defined.

2)Customer Id: The Customer Id is required to identify and associate the evaluation and survey form with the customer.

3)Survey Taken by: Survey Taken by is the person within the (your) organization that received and/or recorded the evaluation or survey results.

4)Survey Respondent: Use the Survey Respondent field to identify the person from the customer organization that has provided the survey results. Alternately, the customer's satisfaction may have been 'evaluated' by internal personnel.

5)Completed checkbox & Lock Record checkbox:

a.Completed checkbox - Check Completed when all of the criteria/questions have been scored, which is required to accumulate the score into the average Customer Satisfaction score and other quality measurements (see Performance Dashboard report).

b.Lock Record checkbox: Check Lock Record to prevent accidental changes and/or deletions.

6)Survey & Response dates:

a.Survey Date: User-defined date to record when the evaluation or survey was initiated.

b.Response Date: User-defined date to record when the evaluation or survey was completed. This date is required to accumulate the score into the average Customer Satisfaction score.

7)Customer Satisfaction score: Sum of the Customer Satisfaction score.

8)Use Question from Satisfaction Survey Set: The criteria or question shall be included if the checkbox for the Use Q# is checked. (The checkbox is controlled by the Survey Set).

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