Document Control Index Viewer

The QMSCAPA™ Document Control Index Viewer (DCIviewer) is a separate program that may distributed to persons whom only need access read-only controlled documents and, or records.


DCIviewer is a read-only application, which prevents users from making any alterations to documented information or to the Document Control Index itself. Also, DCIviewer must be installed on the same computer/server as QMSCAPA to ensure both applications (QMSCAPA & DCIviewer) have the same file path to controlled documents and records.


Other features of DCIviewer:


1) Document Icon - The Document Control Index (DCI) browse table hyperlinks to the file path of the stored document or image. The native file viewer opens the linked document.



2) Person/Clipboard Icon - The Records Control Index (RCI) browse table hyperlinks to the file path of records and record approvals.



infored3) i Icon - The Referenced Document table may be used to link to electronic documents for important equipment/instrument user guides, referenced standards, guidance document and other forms of Organization Knowledge.




In the image above:

The DCIviewer browse table maybe sorted and search by selecting Tab 1) through Tab 4):

A.Tab 1) is sorted by the QMSCAPA System Document Identification;

B.Tab 3) By Document Title (user defined);

C.Tab 4) By Document File Path;

D.Tab 4) is sorted by the QMSCAPA System Document Identification.


The QMSCAPA DCI Viewer is License Free - Concurrent users are are controlled by your Computer or Server. Runs on on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10; Windows Server 8, 12, 16 & 19.


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