Edit Menu Names


QMSCAPA has a built-in feature to allow a user to edit the Menu Names for support of alternate date formats, languages and vocabulary.


This feature allows a user to change the text in QMSCAPA Menu Name during use, including:

All visible text

Window Captions, Prompts

Buttons and so on can be translated

Changing the Date Picture (or representation) of the contents of date fields.


Translating a Window Text


1) Open Main Menu that QMSCAPA displays at start-up; all other windows should be closed.

2) Press the Ctrl+F10 Key to open the Translation Window.

3) The Translation Window opens as shown below:

The QMSCAPA Menu Names may be edit by using the


(A) The original Menu Names appear in alphabetical order (sans &);

(B) Changes that appear in the Global Translation column will appear through the whole application;

(C) Changes that appear in the Local Translation column remain local to the current window.

(D) The Type column confirms the location in a Menu, Window or Other control.




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