Caution: IMPEX for QMSCAPA is for System Manager Use Only

IMPEX for QMSCAPA is an external file import utility for importing Customers, Items, Employees and Suppliers. A user may map a separate Excel file for customers, items, employees and vendors. The program provides a method to match data fields from Excel fields to QMSCAPA fields by mouse click, drag and drop actions. The matrix of mapped fields may be saved and reused.


QMSCAPA files names that may be imported:



soitems.tps (the NAME field is the part number field)




Default data location of QMSCAPA files


c:\users\public\public documents\ABCI\QMSCAPA


Caution: Backup your QMSCAPA data prior to using using IMPEX.


An import will append to existing data

If you don't like your first results imported, then quit IMPEX

odelete the files above,

orestore these files from your back-up

orestart IMPEX and try again


IMPEX for QMSCAPA may be downloaded from


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