Alert Messages and NC Reports


QMSCAPA provides a method for alert notices, initiatives from employees,  messages and Non-conformance Reports.


Alert Message Menu Option



AIM NCR Browse Table




A.The 'AIM/NCR' Message Browse Table (image shown above) provides a method to sort and view messages by many fields.

B.Alerts, Initiatives, Messages and Non-Conformance Reports may be 'moved' into the CAPA log by clicking on the Copy to CAPA Log button.

C.Print one AIM/NCR form.

D.Print the AIM/NCR forms according to a date range.

E.Print the AIM/NCR log table according to a range on the date reported.

F.Print the highlighted AIM/NCR with the Task Log.

G.Print the AIM/NCR(s) with the Task Log according to a range on the date reported.


AIM / NCR Form, Tab 1) Description



A.Tab 1) Description: The AIM/NCR form includes Id fields for the Author; the Person Reporting and the Department; the Process Name can be linked to the AIM/NCR; the AIM/NCR Type may be linked to a user-defined look-up table; the end-user can define the AIM/NCR Report Title for printed forms and reports.

B.Tab 2) NCR Related Parts and Management Review

C.Tab 3) NCR Related Task

D.Tab 4) NCR Related Attachments


AIM/NCR Form, Tab 2) Parts and Management Review


A.The AIM/NCR Vendor Id field may be linked to a Vendor by entering or selecting a Vendor Id.

B.And the AIM/NCR Part/Service # field may be linked to a Part or Service Id number.

C.The AIM/NCR Reference Id field may be user-defined, e.g. Job Number, Work Order, etc.

D.The AIM/NCR Disposition field is linked to a user-defined table for dispositions.

E.Use the AIM/NCR Management Review Comments field to record final review or disposition comments.

F.The AIM/NCR Requires CA/PA check box is automatically set when copied to the CAPA log.

AIM/NCR Form, Tab 3) Task


A.The AIM/NCR form includes a Task list, which may be used assign an investigation to multiple persons and, or to record a journal of events (or task) associate with the AIM/NCR.

B.The Activity Reported field displays a snippet of the AIM/NCR Task record.


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