Mulitple Users on a LAN (Larger Business)

User Note: For installations that require more than three users we recommend running QMSCAPA on a Windows Server through Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Connection.

If you do not have a Windows Server or if you do not have a Windows Server configured as or with a Domain Controller then you may want to consider the ABCI IP Data Server, which can be configured for a Windows Server or other Windows operating systems. The IP Data Server allows larger business to operate across a LAN with a Windows File Server.

Requires a single single computer with Windows Server or a Windows 8/10 Professional Computer to be designated as a file SERVER. This computer should have a robust configuration.

A static IP address must be assigned to the SERVER.

The QMSCAPA IP Client must be installed on each client-user computer.

Please call 800-675-2415 or write to to learn more about this configuration and special license fees.



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