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1)Choose a Label Set, which automatically populates the dashboard labels, the 'include QPV' settings, and the criteria for calculating on-time delivery settings.

2)Using the settings on the Dashboard Label Sets form window an end-user can select which quality metrics should be included on the dashboard. Also, the criteria or formula for calculating on-time delivery is controlled by the Dashboard Label Set selected.

3)The Dashboard Name is user definable and may be entered directly in the window. If the checkbox [ ] Label Set Controls Dashboard is checked then the label defined in the Label Set shall be applied to the window.

4)The Start Date and End Date fields may be set in the Label Set or directly in the window.

5)The data-stream that is accumulated from the objectives/process key performance journals (aka performance logs or key performance indicators, KPI).

6)The end-user can change the Labels on the Dashboard and Target Percentages by editing the content in the Label Set but not the formula of what is be calculated.

a.The Q%V1, which means Quality Percentage Value # 1, always calculates Customer Satisfaction.

b.Q%V2 always calculates on-time delivery.

c.The data positions with the default labels Mfg/Production, Purchasing and Sales may be used as labeled or for other objectives or processes.

d.The Label Set controls which Journal/Log ( [√ ] Include QPV checkbox) is included in the Dashboard Report.

7)The Target % is an accumulated average of all Targets, which are included.

a.Actual % Achieved is an accumulated average of all Actual, which are included.

b.Attainment % is an accumulated average of all Attainment, which are included.

8)The Printer Icon button initiates a Dashboard Text Report.

9)The Graph Icon button initiates Dashboard Graph Report options.


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