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Records Control Index Form


The QMSCAPA Records Index module includes fields for:

1.A Record Group Name

2.Record requirements

3.Relationship to a Management System (ISO)

4.Date Created, Saved and Locked (optional)

5.Relationship to a Process and/or Department

6.Locations for Active and Archive retrieval & storage

7.Retention period required

8.Final disposition plan

9.Requirements for Authorized Approval (optional)

10.Authorized Job Title for Approval

11.Type of Record

12.If the record is locked then the Login Code of the user that executed the lock is recorded in the Locked By field.


In the image above:

A.Lock Record Check-box field: The Record Name Group may be locked to prevent unattended changes to the identification fields or from the Record Group from being deleted.

B.Locked by field: If the Record is locked then the Login Code of the user that executed the lock is recorded.

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