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Job Titles Browse Table

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1)The Job Titles may be displayed by the Title or the Title Record Id.

2)Search the Title by entering the first few characters and touching the Tab key.

3)Print the highlighted Job Title that have Training Programs.

4)Print the all Job Titles that have Training Programs.

5)Print the highlighted Job Title and the Summary Job Description.

6)Print the all Job Titles and the Summary Job Descriptions.


Job Title and Description Form

In the images below:


A.Tab (1) contains the Title Record Id, Job Title and a summary of the Job Description. Additional information for competency requirements may be electronically attached.

B.Tab (2) contains references to the Required Training Programs that are relevant to the Job Title.

C.The Job Description Summary.

D.The Attachment file lookup button to select the file that should be attached.


The Spell Check feature requires Microsoft Office installed on your computer or server.




A.The Job Title, which also appears on Tab 1.

B.Use the Add, Edit controls to maintain the relevant Training Programs

C.The Training Programs table should show programs that appropriate for the Job Title.


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