Training Programs


To create or edit a Training Program select ..


Edit Tables > Training > Training Programs


In the image below:


1)Section (1) shows a browse table of Training Programs. Training Programs is intended as a generic term for training course, training workshop and, or training class.

2)Section (2) shows a browse table of the Training Elements that are part of or components of the Training Program. For example, a training course may be extended over multiple weeks and each weekly class may be defined within the training element.


In the image above:


3) Edit or View the Training Elements

4) Edit or View Program Attachments

5) Edit or View Controlled Documents related to the Training Program

6) Print a report of all Training Programs

7) Print a report of the highlighted Training Program in Section 1.


In the image below:


1)Tab 1) Define Internal and External Training Programs

2)Tab 2) Training Program Elements (or Components of the Program)

3)Tab 3) View Training Program Attachments



In the image above:

4) Provide a general description of the Training Program.

5) Post review comments when evaluating the training program effectiveness.

6) Use the Effectiveness Rating field to set the minimum score for Training Effectiveness. Example 75% on a quiz or evaluation with 20 questions/criterion; 15 must be correct to pass.


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