Main Data Path

Technical Notice Effective QMSCAPA 1.60.1

In order to prepare for some future updates to QMSCAPA, the storage of the FOLDER:MAINData has been moved from the Windows Registry to a QMSdata.INI file in the local user's AppData folder.


If your QMSCAPA installation is not on an Application Server (Remote Desktop Host) or your QMSCAPA data location is specific (not the default) to your installation then some upgrades cannot be fully automatic or transparent to the user of the Client Computer.


The QMSCAPA FOLDER:MAINData folder is recorded in the user's LOCAL or ROAMING folder inside the AppData folder. {The User's AppData folder may be hidden in the File Explorer, therefore it will need to be unhidden in the File Explorer}


Using the File Explorer folder look for the 'QMSdata.INI' file in the path



Open the file QMSdata.INI

[Data Paths]

{Your QMSCAPA data path should appear below}




Replace C:\Users\Public\Documents\ABCI\QMSCAPA to the file path where you have placed your QMSCAPA data, see the example below:




1.Alternately, you can use the /FIRSTRUN option at each of the Client Computers to identify the QMSCAPA data path.

2.Also, as an Administrator on the DOMAIN you can copy (push) the appropriate QMSdata.INI to the each user's  client computer path C:\Users\NameOfUser\AppData\Roaming\



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