Printing Supplier/Vendor Quality Report Cards

Vendor /supplier evaluations may be accessed from the Quality Measurements main menu option.



Supplier/Vendor Browse Table

In the browse table image of Suppliers/Vendors below:

1)The browse table may be ordered by the 1) Name; 2) Id Number; 3) System Id;

2)Section (2) displays the Suppliers/Vendors;

3)Section (3) displays the Evaluations of the highlighted Supplier in section (2);

4)The Supplier List print button reports the Suppliers in Name order. The Approval Status print button reports the Suppliers in Status and the Name Order.

5)The Supplier/Vendor browse table may be copied to a Microsoft Excel compatible file by selecting the Copy to Excel button.

6)The Evaluations (1) print button reports the Supplier/Vendor Evaluation that is highlighted in section (3). The Evaluations (all) button reports all evaluations within a user-specified date range. The Supplier Evaluation Report Card (1) button reports the Supplier Quality Report Card of the Supplier/Vendor highlighted in section 2. supplierevaluations6

Sample Supplier Quality Report Card


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