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The Supplier Survey Question Form may be accessed from the Supplier Survey Questionnaire Set form.


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I.Supplier Survey Question Form

A.The Survey Question may be phrased for a question that requires a response that is ...

1.Pass or Fail question

2.True of False

3.Yes or No; Y or N


5.Both Pass or Fail and Text

B.Question Placement Controls allow the end-user to ...

1.Position the Question anywhere in the Questionnaire by entering the appropriate Section Sequence Number, Section Name and Row Number within a Section.

C.Question Response Requirements are controlled by the end-user ...

1.Enter the appropriate text for Pass or Fail;

2.Check the check-box if a Pass or Fail (Yes or No) response required;

3.Check the check-box if a Text response is required;

4.Provide the Survey Respondent with additional guidance for answering the question.



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