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Create one or more Supplier / Vendor Survey Questionnaires that are appropriate for your business and Management System.

Print the Question Set for sharing or editorial review. (Prints the highlighted record in the Table)

Create a New Question Set by Duplicating and editing an existing Question Set.

Assign the Survey Questionnaire to one or more suppliers.




Form for Supplier /Vendor Survey Questionnaires

1) General tab

A.QMSCAPA assigns the Supplier Question Set a numeric Id. The end-user may create a List Name and the Title for the Supplier Survey Questionnaire. The Department using the Survey and the version of the Survey Questionnaire may be recorded. Also, Survey Questionnaires may contain questions that require a Pass or Fail response (e.g. Yes or No) and written text response.

B.Approval and Use of the Survey may be recorded.

C.Record the intended purpose of the Survey and other instructions to end-users. By default setup this field is not printed on Surveys that are to be sent to Supplier /Vendors.



2) Questionnaire Text

A.The Text for Top of Form is user-defined and intended to print on Surveys that are to be sent to Supplier /Vendors.

B.The Text for Bottom of Form is user-defined and intended to print on Surveys that are to be sent to Supplier /Vendors.


3) Questions in the Questionnaire Set

A.The Survey Questions in the Questionnaire Set may be ordered by a Section Sequence Number that is independent of the Section Name.

B.The Row Number may be used to control the order of questions within the Section Sequence Number.


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