Types of Checklist Measurements

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Browse Table and Form for Adding, Editing or Deleting Checklist Measurements

The Checklist Measurements Table contains the Checklist Items measurements that are available. The measurements are user definable. The table provides control for [Add], [Edit] or [Delete] measurements. Double-click the Type of Measurement to edit and existing record.

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1)Add, Edit or Delete a Measurement Type

2)Measurement options


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The Checklist Measurement Form provides for the following Types of Measurements:

1)Record Id automatically assigned by the system.

2)Type of Measure lookup table.

3)Comment the measurement to clarify the intentions. These comments may be printed on output.

4)False or True response options include the option to change the False or True text to be used. Examples may be Fail or Pass, No or Yes and Affirm or Negative.

5)Use a whole number value  (numeric without decimals).

6)Use a numeric value with 2 decimal places or numeric with 5 decimals places.

7)50 character text or 256 character text.



Also, the Types of Checklist Measurements table may be accessed from the Checklist Items form. Open the Checklist Header table by selecting the Checklist icon.



1)To open a Checklist highlight a Checklist Header record and click on the [Edit] button. Alternately double-clicking the highlight bar will open the Checklist Header.

2)The Checklist Header opens to the 1) General tab; select the 2) Checklist Items tab.

3)Select and open an Item in the Checklist items table by double-clicking on the highlight bar, or;

4)Click on the [Edit] button to open the Checklist Item record.


Browse Measurement Table

1)The Checklist Item Measurement table may be accessed from the Checklist Item form. The lookup button opens the Checklist Items Measurement Table.

2)Measurements may be [Added], [Edited], or [Deleted] from the Checklist Items Measurement Table.


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