To add a user to QMSCAPA begin by adding the identification of the person to the Human Resources Table.


In the image (Add QMSCAPA User) shown below:


A)   Click on the organization chart icon button.

B)   Click the [ + ] to add a person's identification on the Tab 1) Full Name.

C)   Enter the person's information.

D)   Select the Tab 6) User Profile +Login; as appropriate, click the [X] Authorized Signer and [X] QMSCAPA System User; click the Disk Icon button to update the record.

E)   Click on the [+ Select User from User Security List >> ] button.

F)   Click on the [+Add] button; Enter a first and last name; enter a short login code, not the login code becomes the user's first password until changed by the user.

G)   To join the User Login with the Human Resource record you must first highlight the User Login and then click on the [Select highlighted User login].

H)   To join the Human Resource record the User Login record first highlight the User Login.




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