Documents Control Form

A.In the image below, the Documents Control Index Form is separated into four tabs:

Document Control Form Tab 1 of the The Documents Control Index Form (see (A) in the image below) provides a record of the document description

Document Control Form Tab 2 Version Approval and History provides access to the document version history log and a log of approvals by persons whom are authorized documents.

Document Control Form Tab 3 Document Text Editor provides access to the QMSCAPA built-in document generator and text editor.

Document Control Form Tab 4 Options provides access to additional document control options.




In the image above ...


Tab 1) of the The Documents Control Index Form provides a record of the document description, which includes:


A.The letter (A) positioned at the Tab row provides access to various document control options.

B.The SysDocId is automatically assigned by QMSCAPA. The Document Id and Document Title are user definable. In the Document Id use a short name, for example a Quality Procedure relevant to ISO 9001, clause 5.3 could be represented as "QP-0530".

C.The File Path shows the path to the electronic file that represents the document that is controlled.

D.The Document version can be recorded as an alphanumeric, a numeric or a combination of both representation.

i.þ Alpha+Numeric checkbox: This option combines the Alpha Version field with the Numeric Version field; example the Alpha field is "Rev." and the Numeric field is "2" then the Combined field becomes "Rev.2".

ii.þ Numeric+Alpha checkbox: This option combines the Numeric version field with Alpha version field; example the Numeric Version is "2" and the Alpha field is "A" (for approved) then the Combined field becomes "2A".

E.þ Partition checkbox and Partition field: Any "alphanumeric character(s)" may be added to the Partition field as a separator between the alpha and numeric version fields.

i.Up to three characters may added automatically when the þ Partition checkbox is ticked and either the þ Alpha+Numeric checkbox or þ Numeric+Alpha checkbox is ticked.

ii.In the example for the þ Numeric+Alpha checkbox and þ Partition checkbox are ticked, using the hyphen (-) as the partition, the document version becomes "2-A".

F.þ Auto increment checkbox for version numbers: When the checkbox Auto Increment Document Version Numbers is ticked þ the automatic increment of version numbers is activated.

i.The Numeric Version and Starting Number fields are disabled (dimmed).

ii.Only whole numbers may be incremented.

iii.The Changes in Log field is a count of the records in the browse table of document changes located in Document Control Form Tab 2 for Version Approval and History Log.

G.Document Status look-up button and field: The document status should reflect whether or not the "Status" of the document has been approved for use or is draft pending approval. The related look-up table is user definable.

H.Approved by Title look-up button and field: The Approved by Title field is typically the person or person(s) who has been authorized as the person(s) responsible for making the final approval. Enter a specific Job Title or combination of Job Titles; example "CEO/COO & Mgt.Rep" for the final required approval.

I.Date Approved document: The date approved should reflect the date the authorized personnel have completed the document review and approval process. Date Approved may be automatically updated when linked to the "required approvals" and the electronic revision history and approvals. For more information about automatic update of the Date Approved see the Document Control Form Tab 2.

J.Current Revision date: The Current Revision date may entered when changes are made to the Document Control record and/or the controlled document.

i.þ Sync Revision date with History Log: When the checkbox is ticked þ the Revision date may be added to a new document change history log entry or synchronized with an existing record. For more information about synchronizing the Revision date see the Document Control Form Tab 2.

K.Update button:


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