Nonconformance and Corrective Actions

Menu Option for Accessing Nonconformance Tables and the Correction Actions Table

DatabaseFlowToCAPAlogNonconformance and Corrective Actions have separate navigation paths. Information collected in the Nonconformance module and table may be copied (or flow) into the Correction Actions module.


Also, if necessary, Corrective Action information may flow from the Corrective Action table into the Nonconformance module and table.


In addition, information collected in the Customer Feed-back module and table (aka Customer Complaint log) may flow into the Correction Action table.

Browse Tables for Nonconformance and the Correction Actions Table

The exclamation triangle is used to identify access to the Nonconformance module and table.


QMSCAPA provides a method for alert messages, initiatives from employees and Non-conformance Reports (NCRs).


QMSCAPA Icon Menu Bar

QMSCAPA Icon Menu Bar


Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions may be accessed through the Browse Logs text menu on directly from the Icon Menu Bar.






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